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  • 10 Things Every Real Estate Investor Should Do To Lower Taxes!
  • ​How To Be a Profitable and Successful Real Estate Investor!
  • ​Tax Strategies To Make Your Buildings Produce More Income!
  • ​Know Everything You Need To Know to Set Up Your Real Estate Entity Properly!
  • ​How to Leverage your Retirement Account to Invest in Property!
  • ​The Strategy Book comes with worksheets and checklist to help you implement everything you so you can grow your wealth
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There's 2 Types of Real Estate Investors...

Dear Reader,

As a Tax Professional who works with a lot of real estate investors I’ve noticed something. 

There are two types of real estate investors out there… 

First, there are Impulsive Investors. When I see their financials I think, “Wow, this really is a little scary!” 

Karla Dennis 

Tax Expert & Business Strategist

They’re typically over-leveraged. They don’t understand the tax implications of their purchases. They make emotional decisions. But worst of all, they don’t have a strategy guiding their investment efforts.

Therefore, they pay a lot more taxes than they need to!

Then there’s the second type of investor…The Strategic Investor. 

Warren Buffet is a good example of this. He’s not out impulsively buying assets. He’s calm, calculated and deliberate about how he invests.

And so are many other lesser known investors. They may not be billionaires like Buffet but they are multi-millionaires. 

They’re folks like my friend Kathleen Kramer. She turned $52,000 into $4.5 million in 7 years by strategically investing in rentals (she shares her strategy in Bonus #1, How To Retire With Rental Real Estate WITHOUT Overpaying Uncle Sam).

Strategic Investors approach real estate with a totally different mindset. They research. They do their due diligence. But they also surround themselves with professionals who they consult before buying a piece of property. 

And they are always learning and growing. They stay up to date on the latest tax laws, strategies and opportunities. And they are the ones who will get the most out of The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Tax Strategies.

So if you want to become a Strategic Real Estate Investor then you’re in the right place! Keep reading to see just some of the many things you’ll get for your investment of just $97… 

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What You Will Learn In New Training Book

 Gain access to the highly effective real estate strategies savvy investors are using in 2020 to tap into higher profits (These have been put together by some of the most respected names in the industry). (pg 1)

 The 10 most powerful things every real estate investor should be doing if they are serious about making tremendous amounts of money in 2020 (even if you’ve never done a deal!). (pg 2)

 Discover how this little known legal loophole can maximize personal property and optimize depreciation deductions… Use this “audit-proof” tip to hold onto your rental income. (pg 7)

 Are you taking advantage of these MEGA-VALUABLE write-offs? The novice investor rarely does and it can cost him tens of thousands of dollars. (pg 8)

 Follow the squeaky clean tax return guaranteed to keep the IRA off your back! Don’t stick out like a sore thumb... do anything differently and you’ll wind up marked for death with a time-consuming audit on your hands. (pg 10)

 This $3 trillion investment class might be the unexpected answer you’re looking for if you can’t stand the thought of pesky tenants calling you 24/7 but still want a steady flow of cash from real estate. (pg 10)

Supercharge your money by taking your investments out of State! Some investors call this the “shortcut” to instantly pocketing more cash. (pg 11)

 If you’re raking it in from real estate assets in 2020 and disregarding this holding structure you could be falling into a very nasty tax trap… (pg 14)

 Stop paying $800 every time you file a tax return! This could be eating up your promised tax cuts… (pg 17)

 The 5 questions every real estate investor must ask themselves in 2020 before they purchase their next (or first) property! If you fail to answer question #2 you could be making a horrible mistake and forfeit your deal when it’s time to close. (pg 22)

 The astonishing place to search for “hidden gems” in 2020… Most investors are completely “in the dark” about it… (pg 34)

 Is your local economy showing these “white-hot” buying signals? If so, now is the time to act or you’ll miss out on serious profits. (pg 26)

 The lazy way to take advantage of the age-old, “buy low, sell high” formula… you could add 10% to the value of the home practically overnight if you follow this one piece of advice! (pg 28)

 The 3 step formula savvy investors are using like clockwork to shave off costs on their next deal… Grasping the importance of this is their unfair advantage at closing time. (pg 29)

 Discover 2 financing strategies creative investors are following to hit the jackpot when purchasing properties… One of these requires nothing more than the “hidden asset” inside your wallet. (pg 31)

 The 4 things your lender is guaranteed to ask for before you ever sit down at “the big boy table” to discuss a loan …and... the no-nonsense tactic you can use to avoid ever being ripped off… (pg 33)

 If you generate this ONE report before closing you wield the lion's share of the negotiating power… without this report, you’ll be walking into the slaughterhouse. (pg 36)

 The best way to slash fees when selling a property is to do this… (pg 39)

 The 5 steps you must follow if your property isn’t selling fast enough... Ignore these if you want sophisticated buyers throwing hard-ball negotiating tactics and dirty tricks at you… (pg 41)

 The 4 tax rules insiders use to dominate when selling their properties… Use these tax-friendly tips to pay less taxes so you can keep more of your profit. (pg 45)

 How to capitalize on the right type of foreclosure deals… under NO circumstances should you invest in this “dangerous” foreclosure type unless you want your business to implode… (pg 46)

 The 5 blazingly obvious landlord commandments that you must always keep at the top of mind - Following these will make your life infinitely easier and reduce your stress. (pg 48)

 “Position” yourself in the right way to get a steady flow of inside information (a small handful of investors are always in the know… will you be one of them?) (pg 50)

 The 6 lucrative reasons you should consider this ONE investment strategy (bigger returns aren’t the only reason brilliant investors are flocking to it). (pg 55)

 How to structure your real estate investments to receive 10% cash flow each and every month… without being the one knocking on doors collecting rents. (pg 56)

 How your are able to gain access to those high quality, and low-risk deals as a “non-accredited investor.” (pg 57)

 One of the most profitable “hands-off” investment opportunities available in 2020 - you can use this strategy to capitalize on people’s psychological need for lots and lots of stuff. (pg 55)

 7 things you NEED to consider before buying a property. #4 might seem like a “simple fix” but it’s often overlooked by novice investors and it will help you protect yourself from unreasonable losses. (pg 62)

 The 5 dangers of buying real estate in a declining market… Most of these defy common sense… While other investors will pack up and leave, your portfolio could jump up to the next level. (pg 74)

 If you own a building over $1 million dollars then you better have the confidence to do this… (pg 96)

And so much more!!

Table Of Contents


10 Things Real Estate Investors Should Be Doing In 2020

2020 Tax Laws

Choosing a Business Entity for your Real Estate Holdings

Chart of Business Entities - Recap Chart

How to Make Money Real Estate Investing

The New Way to Invest in Real Estate

5 Risks to Buying Real Estate in a Declining Market

Tax Strategies to Make Buildings Produce More Income

Tax Strategies for the Smart Real Estate Investor

How to Leverage your Retirement Account to Invest in Property














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Bonus #1

How To Retire With Rental Real Estate 
WITHOUT Overpaying Uncle Sam

An hour-long presentation (digitally delivered), never before released to the general public -- video from what some real estate investors called “The most profitable 60-minute real estate presentation I’ve ever heard!” Featuring Karla Dennis and Kathleen Kramer. Some of the topics covered in this presentation: 

  • How Kathleen and her husband turned $52,000 into $4.5 million in 7 years by investing in rental properties using value-based principles. 
  • ​How to build wealth and minimize taxes (Karla speaks to you as a tax strategist and fellow real estate investor who started investing in 2008).
  • ​The mindset and actions that separate Impulsive Investors from Strategic Investors (and why the latter are much profitable).
  • ​Why you must have a strategic vision before you start investing money in real estate so you can get to where you want to go!
  • ​And so much more!!

Retail Value: $300.00

Bonus #2

2019 Real Estate Summit

An Two Hour-long presentation (digitally delivered). 
The reason we started the Real Estate Summit was so that professionals could go to a place to learn, network, and grow. 
Our event will is full of different people with expertise in all kinds of areas of real estate. Each of our panelists has been hand-picked, and each has extensive backgrounds of financing, finding deals, real estate strategy, property management, saving on taxes, and much much more.

Karla Dennis (Real Estate Tax Strategist) - Hear about real estate investing from America’s #1 tax strategist. Find out how to maximize the tax saving benefits of real estate investing so you don’t overpay Uncle Sam!

Chasse Cole (Commercial Real Estate Lender) - If you are looking to step up from two to four units and go into commercial property, then you don’t want to miss this session! 
Eric Evans (Insurance Agent) - Find out what type of insurance investors should consider for their rental properties, when an umbrella policy makes sense, a mistake investors make with AirBnB vacation rental property insurance and more.

Jon Shrum (Residential Lender) - What do you do when you work with a great tax person who drops your taxable income but then you want to apply for financing? Hear what Jon has to say about that from a lender’s perspective!

Mike Rains (Real Estate Agent & Property Manager) - Discover the many reasons why smart investors use property managers. Contrary to popular belief a good property manager will increase your cash flow (not reduce it)!

Mike Rains (Real Estate Agent & Property Manager) - Discover the many reasons why smart investors use property managers. Contrary to popular belief a good property manager will increase your cash flow (not reduce it)!

Patrick McCready (Commercial Realtor) - Patrick shares his insights about what's happening in the market. If you’re wondering if it’s a good time to sell or if the market is going to crash then you’ll want to hear his presentation.

Mark Holmes (Attorney) - Mark has done insurance coverage issues for 28 years. He’ll talk about some of the most costly mistakes real estate investors make when they get into this business and how to avoid them. 

Retail Value: $500.00

Bonus #3

Advanced Real Estate Tax Strategies

An hour-long Training (digitally delivered) 

Hidden Tax Savings For The Savvy Real Estate Investor Looking to Save Money on Taxes. In this powerful video training you’ll walk away with…

  • Why cost segregation is one of your most powerful tools to help you accelerate depreciation so you can get some massive tax write-offs (this is one of the simplest and quickest strategies to save money on your taxes as an investor).
  • ​The power of being a real estate professional (and contrary to popular belief you DO NOT need a real estate license to be considered a real estate professional in the eyes of the IRS). This can save you thousands in taxes!
  • ​How to play “keep away from the IRS” with your money using a 1031 exchange strategy. Find out how to execute this strategy properly… and how to avoid the most common mistakes many novice real estate investors make with this!
  • ​How to supercharge your retirement by investing in real estate. See why smart investors use Self-Directed 401ks because of the many tax advantages, including how to borrow $100,000 from your retirement without any penalties!
  • ​How to get Uncle Sam to help raise money for you to buy your real estate. The government allows you to use your real estate to purchase more real estate… but you need to know the rules of the game if you want to play to win! 

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Total Value: $1,150.00

Your Price: $97

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Meet the Author, Karla Dennis
Tax Expert & Business Strategist

As seen in Forbes magazine, Karla Dennis is an expert tax and business strategist. As an enrolled agent, Karla is licensed to represent taxpayers in all 50 states. She holds a Masters in Taxation and Business Development and is the author of three books, Tax Storm, Against the Odds and The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Tax Strategies.

Karla is the founder of the consultancy firm Karla Dennis & Associates™. She has saved her clients thousands of dollars and has been featured in various media outlets such as Forbes, MSNBC, KTLA, Yahoo! Finance and SmartMoney, marking her as America’s #1 tax strategist. She is also a fellow real estate investor herself, having bought her first investment property after graduating college and then flipping that into many more pieces of property

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